Introduction to Drawing with Craig Caldwell


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Six Thursdays, beginning May 20
from 6-8pm


This class is designed for the beginning drawer who appreciates art and has always wanted to learn to draw as well as for those looking for a refresher course. Instruction will cover the fundamentals of free-hand drawing: line, perspective, composition, understanding light and form, as well as creating illusions of depth, contrast, and texture. Different drawing material, techniques, and methods will be explored. Open to all levels of experience.

This class meets in the Owl Hall on the main level of the Education Wing.


18" x 24" newsprint drawing pad vine charcoal compressed charcoal assorted erasers Questions? Contact Craig Caldwell at

The safety of our students, teachers, patrons, volunteers, and staff is our highest priority. A number of adjustments have been put in place to keep everyone safe for in-person classes at the Cultural Center. We are disinfecting public spaces frequently and have installed hand sanitizer stations throughout the building. To ensure the safety of those around you, please wear a mask, practice social distancing, and in other ways follow CDC guidelines while at the Cultural Center. Thank you


Craig Jackson Caldwell lives in Brewster, Massachusetts with his wife Bridget Cahill. He is originally from Signal Mountain, Tennessee and graduated from Harvard with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies, specifically painting. Craig has been an artist since his early years and has painted, sold and taught art professionally for over 25 years.   His work emanates from the beauty of the natural world and his work is in the Luminist and Tonalist tradition of painting, concentrating on the moods and colors of the natural world rather than the pictorial representation of a particular scene through illustration or pictorial realism. His work is based on the interplay and harmony of colors and the moods and emotions they evoke and has evolved into a true painter's painting style, growing on the abstract expressionist movement as far as the painted surface yet also from the Tonalist, Barbizon and Naturalist traditions all at once. Pictorial realism is secondary to the interplay of the actual paint surface on the canvas. Close-up, his works are whorls of paint and sculpted edges from a palette knife but from afar they evoke the colors and shape of memories of very specific places and times - almost. His work allows a great deal of interpretation at each viewing and his work is constantly changing.   Craig also paints bright, real to life paintings of beautiful fish that he has caught and released and those of others on commission. Fishing is a passion as well and a way to connect to something outside of ourselves and reassure us that there is something larger around us all the time.  As a teacher Craig excels at teaching the true language of drawing - to anyone, beginner, retiree, or first time student of any age. He has been teaching at the Cultural Center since 2013. Visit Craig’s website at

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